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Presentation: Keeping content king

I presented at Interactive Minds yesterday. It was a great morning with some great speakers including Simon Lockyer from Everyday Hero, Clive France from Internetics, and the very interesting Vivek Wagle from Lonely Planet.

The overall topic was ‘Content is still king’ and my angle was how to keep content king. I looked at how to ensure your content is engaging and compelling for your audience, as well as a brief snapshot on how to implement a content strategy.

I’ll sit down and write a post soon that gives more detail, but in the mean time you can Download my presentation: Keeping content king (PDF 2.11 MB).

You can see the other presentations on the Interactive Minds website or read the Twitter feed #IM1006.

(Update: Interactive Minds have removed their old events. How about looking at a more recent presentation of mine at http://www.slideshare.net/Sally_Bagshaw)

Sally Bagshaw at Interactive Minds presenting 'Keeping content king'

Image taken by Lisa Ma from Networx.

This post was written by Sally Bagshaw

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