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My name is Sally Bagshaw and I’m an independent web content strategist based in Brisbane, Australia.

Sally Bagshaw

Over the years I’ve worked as a copywriter (Snappy Sentences), content producer, web manager, project manager and intranet manager. This has given me a broad view of the elements that make up content strategy including copywriting, usability, governance, author experience, information architecture and content management. In fact, I’ve presented on some of these topics at Interactive Minds, Networx, Confab London, Web Directions RESPOND, EMSA and Brisbane Content Strategy Group events. (See some of my presentations on Slideshare.)

I’m also pretty chuffed to be mentioned in:

(all available from Amazon).

If you are in Brisbane, please come along to a Brisbane Content Strategy Group meetup. I’d love to see you there.

Got a question about content strategy? Send me an email.